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Guilmette Middle School

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7:30am - 3:30pm

Phone Number

(978) 722-8270


(978) 722-8524


80 Bodwell Street

Lawrence, MA 01841

Calendar 2017-18


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Water Testing Results

The GMS Cross Country is working hard to stay on top of the game, two weeks in a row in first place.
Guilmette Middle School students enjoy a variety of afternoon classes during an Enrichment time. These students are currently in Television Production but will soon rotate through the other class options from cooking to sports.

2014 Guilmette Middle Pep RallyOn March 14th over 500 students assembled in the Guilmette  Middle School gym to pump up the students for ELA MCAS.  On hand were the cheerleaders lead by Sharon Cassily, the drum troupe led by Greg Tarbox and our MC - 7th grade teacher Bill Alves.  The students watched a video about MCAS prep written and produced by 6th grade teacher, Sasha Duran, with the help of the Student Council.  Roberto German, Assistant Principal, entertained the group with an original MCAS rap song. Additional talent included a variety of acts from each grade level; 8th Acceleration Step group, 5th and 6th grade rappers, and the 7th grade Pi Champion. Our mascot, the Guilmette Wolf got the crowd enthused and ready for the big test.

On Saturday August 10, 2013 the Guilmette Middle School held a “Claim Our School” Day where students, teachers, parents, and community members worked together to prepare the school for the start of the academic year. It was powerful to see all of these stakeholders joined for this important cause. 

The event was held from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm. Throughout that time new people added themselves and students joined the movement. To begin the day the entire crew gathered at the front of the school to discuss community. Everyone was introduced and it was great to see all the different constituents present: Lawrence High School teachers & students, city councilor Dan Rivera, Unlocking Potential’s Dean of Students Danny Suriel, Merrimack College professors and graduate students, and more. This was all in addition to the Guilmette’s faculty, staff and students. Everyone was grouped and sent off to complete a task. 
After about two hours, a big portion of the work was completed. Everyone gathered at the playground for a time of reflection and discussion. Vianna Alcantara, graduate student at Merrimack, led the group in discussion through two writing prompts. The first “what does community mean to you?” yielded great responses.
The second prompt, “how did we build community today?” really helped to understand the value of the day’s work. One of the students shared that community meant working together to achieve the same goal and he felt that on that day the entire team didn’t ask questions, but just had a great attitude about the work needing to be done. It was a great day that demonstrated the unity that truly exists in Lawrence.