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 On wensday march 9. the Lancer JROTC cadets restarted taking classes outside. getting better at drilling ceremony, color guard and march. Cadets seem to conduct themselves better at a nice warm enviorment. Lancers never stop learning.
  On Saturday March 12,2016 Lancer Cadets competed their third MAP competition. MAP stands for Marksmanship, Academics and Physical Fitness. This weeks competition was hosted by Lancer Battalion. Lancer Battalion earned first place in both male and female push-ups. Cadets Major Jimas took first place overall in Academics. Lance Battalion was honored to have a special guest. Command Sergeant Major Biron Larsen of 2nd brigade, United States Army Cadet command was the official presenter for the award.
On Saturday, February 27th 2016, over 40 Lancer Battalion Cadets competed at Revere High School. Cadets competed in five different physical fitness events, marksmanship shooting, and academic testing.  Lancer Battalion Cadets gave it their all and brought home several trophies and medals to Lawrence High School.  Congratulations to all of the cadets who competed!  The next competition will be hosted by the Lancer Battalion right here at Lawrence High on March 12.
On Saturday, February 20th, Cadets from Lancer Battalion took place in a five kilometer, or 5K, race in Tewksbury, MA.  Each Saturday morning for the past five weeks, Cadets have met each Saturday morning to run in the Fudgicle Series 5K Race held at Tewksbury High School.  Sergeant Major Paul Ronan, one of the Army Instructors for Lancer Battalion, initiated participation in these races.  Cadets wanted to improve physical fitness and have fun at the same time.  Participating in 5K races has provided both.  These cadets are all looking forward to the next 5K race event.  Congratulation to all cadets who ran!
On Saturday, February 6, the Lancer Battalion cadets responded to residents in need folllowing the snow storm that dumped 8 inches of snow on Lawrence.  The QRF, or Quick Reaction Force, was formed by Lancer Battalion to respond to city residents in need of snow removal.  The QRF shovled snow from residences of disabled veterans and elderly citizens of Lawrence.  The QRF is commanded by Cadet Captain Angelina Heath.  The QRF is currently planning and preparing for the next snow storm response.  Cadets earn credit for performing this vital community service.  Congratulation to all of the cadets who volunteered for this vital mission in our community!

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