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Inequitable pedagogical practices deny some students opportunities for academic success. High quality professional learning remedies this when educators, with the support of their leaders and colleagues, grow professionally and implement practice that results in improved outcomes for ALL students, especially students that have been historically marginalized.

We envision all adults engaging in strategic, robust, and differentiated professional learning that ensures all students experience optimal learning conditions.  We define high quality PL as the strategic support provided to educators that when implemented results in quality teaching and learning practices for ALL students in classrooms and schools.

We believe professional learning is a moral imperative because it is the catalyst for equitable instruction. If we match adult learning supports to areas of student learning experiences and academic needs, then as a result of improved practices in the Instructional Core, student learning experiences will be  equitable across schools.

The district utilizes a  Professional Learning Planning Tool to ensure that professional learning opportunities are robust, engaging, and aligned to the needs of all students. 

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