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The Lawrence Public Schools (LPS) Multilingual Learner Department manages programs for English Learners (ELs) with the purpose of developing English language proficiency and promoting the attainment of state content-area standards. This department oversees initial English proficiency testing and the placement of MLs, English language development and content support, the annual assessment of English language proficiency (ACCESS), and the process of program exit and the post-exit monitoring of pertinent students. In addition to supporting a professional learning community of English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, the department facilitates professional learning for content teachers and paraprofessionals in regards to their Multilingual Learners. In addition, through Title III funding, the department supports expanded learning and summer programs for immigrants and MLs as well as Family Literacy Programs and ESOL courses for parents of immigrant students. Lastly, the department works with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and all LPS schools to ensure compliance with federal and state mandates regarding Multilingual Learner education.


Program Structure

The Lawrence Public Schools offers a Sheltered English Immersion Program (SEI) to English Learners in grades K-12.  The SEI program model consists of sheltered content instruction (SCI) as well as English as a second language instruction (ESL). The structure of the SEI program in Massachusetts acknowledges that Multilingual Learners acquire language while interacting in all classrooms as they engage with key academic practices, analytical skills, and conceptual development. In addition, the program understands that MLs must receive additional specific language and literacy instruction in order to reach desired levels of linguistic complexity.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Lawrence Public School’s program for Multilingual Learners is to provide quality instruction to MLs so they can acquire English language proficiency while having access to the core content by:

  • Ensuring that instruction is scaffolded, modeled and differentiated.
  • Promoting a culturally responsive classroom environment to facilitate learning and comfort.
  • Enabling MLs to compete with their peers to attain college and career readiness standards.
  • Providing systematic, explicit, and sustained instruction of English language and literacy.


Information for Families

English Learners Parent Advisory Council

ELPAC is a group for parents or guardian that work together to advise the schools and district on matters that impact English Learners (ELs).

Information for Teachers

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