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If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, fear for your safety or that of others, please call 911 immediately. If your concerns are of a less urgent nature, the following mental health crisis resources may be helpful:

Lawrence Public School District offers a number of services in order to identify and respond to a growing number of students who are struggling with social, emotional, and/or mental health challenges. The following are various resources in place in the District:

  • Suffolk University: Restorative Justice Practices - Restorative justice is a broad term encompassing a growing social movement to institutionalize peaceful approaches to harm, problem-solving, and violations of legal and human rights. Restorative approaches seek to balance the needs of the victim, wrongdoer, and community through processes that preserve the safety and dignity of all.
  • Lesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity - To advance the development of safe, supportive, trauma-sensitive environments, The Lesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity (LIFTS) has been working directly with school districts helping educators understand the dynamics of acute and chronic trauma, its adverse effects on learning, and how trauma-sensitive schools can benefit all children. In our work with a growing number of local and global school districts, we have witnessed remarkable outcomes such as fewer office referrals, fewer suspensions, stronger classroom communities, and better support networks for educators
  • Think Kids -  At Think:Kids, we believe kids do well if they can. Underlying this philosophy are many core values involving diversity, equity, and inclusion. The philosophy inherently assumes that with the appropriate tools and supports all kids can and should have the opportunity to succeed. It is, therefore, our mission to help all youth with behavioral challenges, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or class. To reach all kids, our work needs to be available, accessible, and relevant to adults of all backgrounds.
  • Impact Sports Lab: My Mindset 360 - BRIEF BIO
  • Behavior Intervention & Support Team  
  • School Counselors 
  • Student Support Teams 
  • In House Training
  • Community Supports

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