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Mission Statement

Lawrence Public Schools are committed to creating high quality learning opportunities that meet the development of the whole child. We strive to create an inclusive environment that encourages children of all abilities to be lifelong learners and to meet their full potential. We collaborate with family members to build individual experiences for each child. We work together with our community partners to support families and students. We believe in developing welcoming relationships with families as they enter the Lawrence Public Schools.

Program Structure


  • Lawrence Public Schools offers half day (2.5 hours) preschool programming Monday through Friday. Each session (morning and afternoon) is staffed by an early childhood teacher and a paraprofessional.
  • Session Hours 
    • AM: 7:50-10:35
    • PM: 12:05-2:50


  • Preschool and Kindergarten Attendance Under Massachusetts General Law: there is no legal requirement for enrollment in a preschool or kindergarten program. However, the benefits of full participation in such programs are well-documented. In an effort to maximize these benefits for our youngest learners, parents and guardians who pursue enrollment in preschool and kindergarten programs must adhere to the district’s attendance policies as outlined above. For preschool students, where demand exceeds capacity, consequences for chronic absenteeism (in excess of ten percent of the total days enrolled), provided the days of enrollment total at least 30, may include removal from the program to make space for a waitlisted student.
    • At the time of enrollment, parents will be asked to sign the Preschool Attendance Agreement to indicate that you have reviewed and understand the policy


District Wide Program Locations Continue (As of 22-23SY)
School Principal Phone Address
Breen Cheryl Merz 978-975-5932 114 Osgood St., Lawrence, MA 01843
Hennessey Cheryl Corrigan 978-975-5950 122 Hancock St., Lawrence, MA 01841
Lawlor Kara Metcalf 978-975-5956 41 Lexington St, Lawrence, MA 01841
Leahy Ethel Cruz 978-975-5959 233 Haverhill St. First Fl, Lawrence, MA 01840
LFPA Lisa Conran 978-722-8030 526 Lowell St, Lawrence, MA 01841
Rollins Maura Bradley-Gnanou 978-722-8190 451 Howard St, Lawrence, MA 01841


Lawrence Public Schools is mandated by federal and state law to “identify the school age children residing therein who have a disability” as well as “diagnose and evaluate the needs of such children, propose a special education program to meet those needs, provide or arrange for the provision of such special education program.” 

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s development and would like to have them screened, please complete the online Request for Developmental Screenings form. These screenings occur by appointment only. Once you have submitted the online form, a member of the Lawrence Public School Screening Team will contact you with any follow up questions and schedule an appointment. 

  Screening Form

Information for Families

  • Registration for PK/Kindergarten (link this to enrollment when done)
  •   Child Find


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Central Office

237 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA 01840
Phone 978-975-5900 Fax 978-722-8544


Family Resource Center

237 Essex Street. 4th Floor, Lawrence, MA 01840
Phone 978-975-5900 Fax 978-722-8551