How to Reset Your Password

Forgot Your Password - 2:58

  1. Start by going to the, "LPS Media" department page, and finding the, "Login" button at the top of the page
  2. Left click on the, "Login" button that is located inside the accessibility bar
  3. Find the big, "Forgot Your Password?" button located at the bottom of the gray, "Login" form, and left click on it
  4. After the web page has loaded; find, and left click inside the, "E-mail Address" text field, to activate it
  5. Type in your, work email address, that is tied to your user account
  6. Then left click on the captcha button labeled, "I'm not a robot"
      Note: If the captcha window pops-up, then follow the steps inside of the pop-up window to prove that you are not a robot
  7. After the, "E-mail Address" text field, and the, "I'm not a robot" button, has been selected; left click on the, "Submit" button that is located at the bottom of the form
  8. Proceed to your work e-mail account, and find the e-mail with the subject, "Your Lawrence Public Schools password reset request"
      Note: It may take up to several seconds to a few minutes for an e-mail verification to be sent out
  9. Open the link that is located inside that e-mail
  10. After a new, "tab", or, "window" has opened; a new form will appear asking you to enter your, "Username"
  11. Left click inside the text field for, "Username" to activate it
  12. Write in your, "Username"
  13. The text field for, "Verification Code" should already be filled out, but if it is not, then copy the, "Verification Code" that is located inside the, "Verification E-mail", and paste it inside of the, "Verification Code" text field
  14. Press the, "Submit" button after all of the text fields has been filled out
  15. After pressing the, "Submit" button, a new form will load for setting up your new password
  16. Find, and left click anywhere inside of the text field labeled, "Password", to activate it
  17. Type in a new password inside of the, "Password" text field
  18. After typing in a new password; left click inside the text field labeled, "Confirm Password", to activate it
  19. Type in the same new password that was typed inside of the, "Password" text field
  20. Left click on the, "Submit" button, after both of the, "Password" text fields have been filled out