Message from the Principal:

The year 2020 will no doubt be recorded as a year like no other. We at the Lawrence Public Schools - Adult Learning Center are committed as ever to provide our adult students with high quality advising and instructional experiences. Since March 16, 2020, we have been providing remote instruction in all areas of our programming, This has required all of us to put on our "learning hats" in order to adjust to this "new type of learning." All of our staff has worked tirelselly to provide high quality "remote" instruction that will assist our adult students in reaching their goals. The 2020-21 school year began much differently than the previous year. Remote instruction has required many of us to become knowledgeable with Chromebooks, Google Classroom, and e-mail accounts and passwords that are completely to new to everyone. We are thankful to our staff, and our students for their willingness to be patient, flexible, and kind to not only those around them, but also to themselves, as this has been an incredible journey filled with ups and downs, and with numerous opportunities to learn and grow from. I am confidant we will get through this together.


Vision Statement:

The vision of the Lawrence Public Schools’ Adult Learning Center is to ensure that all English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Adult Basic Education (ABE) students achieve the learning goals they have set upon entry into our program. By improving students’ skills in the areas of academics, language, technology, and workforce development, we will increase their opportunities to enter college, to obtain an industry-recognized credential, to expand their career choices, to enjoy a family-sustaining wage, and to become effective citizens of their community.