Placement Testing for potential students is as follows:

Due to COVID-19, Placement Testing and NRS Assessments will take place as needed, and utilizing "remote" testing procedures approved by the Adult and Community Learning Services unit of MA-DESE, as well with LPS District approval.


English(ESOL) Class Status as of October 2020:

AM/Afternoon/Evening Classes= Waiting List is Full. Please check back in November for the next placement test date, and or enrollment schedule. 

English High School Equivalency Class Status as of October 2020:

AM/Morning & PM/Afternoon/Classes = Space Availabe. Evening classes are full!

Spanish High School Equivalency Class Status as of October 2020:

AM/Morning & PM/Afternoon/Classes = Space avaible. Evening Program is full!


Please Check in from time to time, and or call: 978-722-8110 for enrolment information. Currently the intake process will be conducted on-line, and placement testing will be scheduled when the waitlist and intake list students have been contacted. On-line testing can take up to 2 hours, so please plan accordingly.  When we do return to in-person contact, we do recommend that you bring a government issued picture ID (not required) to help with our intake and testing process. The Placement testing will take place at the Learning Center 147 Haverhill St., Lawrence, MA. Entrance is through the side door of the building, across from the Lawrence Senior Center. 


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