Adult Learning Center Events

ALC Class imitating statue

Mrs. Chupkai's ESOL class visited the Addison Gallery at Phillips Academy.  They observed many artists' work and learned about the historical as well as the artistic perspective.  They were able to practice their English with the Education director.  Here they are showing that Life certainly resembles Art!

ALC Graduates

Congratulations to the 67 graduates from the Adult Learning Center. They celebrated in a ceremony at the Performing Arts Center. Well done!

ALC HiSET Graduates with their diplomas

State Representative Frank Moran visited with recent HiSET recipients who overcame tremendous obstacles to receive their high school equivalency.  These students were among 70 who attended the recent Adult Learning Center graduation ceremony held at the Performing Arts Center at LHS.  Over 400 people from all over the state passed their HiSET tests at the ALC Test Center, located at the Family Resource Center.

PreHiSET Class learning about the Ballot Questions

Mrs. Segaloff's PreHiSET Class presented information about the four Ballot Questions to Mrs. Chupkai's High ESOL Class this week.  Students researched information about each question and helped their peers create informed decisions so they can participate fully in the upcoming election.  As adults, we all want to become strong contributors to the Democratic process.  Well done!


Three participants of Literacy Fun Day in front of poster

Community Pathways Lawrence hosted the annual Family Literacy Fun Day.

The Adult Learning Center and many other community groups welcomed hundreds of visitors to this great event.