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Wednesday, November 7 , 2018

6:00 to 7:30 PM

South Lawrence East School Library 165 Crawford Street

Superintendent Cynthia Paris and the Family Engagement Team invite Parent Teacher Organization Leaders, Families, and Students to listen and learn together. Join us as we collaborate on school attendance strategies.



Maria Campusano (978) 975-5900, EXT. 25601 Alfonso Garcia (978) 975-5900, EXT. 25723


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Coordinated Program Review Report of Findings

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Dates of Onsite Visit: October 22-25, 2012
Date of Draft Report: January 3, 2013
Date of Final Report: February 25, 2013
Action Plan Due: March 22, 2013
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Lawrence Public Schools to Provide Universal Free Lunch in 2014-15
Lawrence, Mass. (Aug. 14, 2014) – The Lawrence Public Schools will offer free lunch to all students in the upcoming school year. This is great news for our students and families!

Last spring the State of Massachusetts announced a program to assist public schools with testing for lead and copper in drinking water. The Lawrence Public Schools was among the first in the state to apply for and receive both funding and technical support for this process. District-wide testing, conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Lawrence Water & Sewer Department, has now been completed.

More than 1,000 samples were taken across Lawrence Public Schools facilities, of which 85 exceeded the action lever for lead or copper. None of the taps which exceeded the action lever were in active use for drinking water this year, and we are taking steps to ensure they remain so, moving forward.

You may already be aware that the district has been utilizing bottled water in all facilities since last spring. This practice though not required by the state, was put in place out of an abundance of caution and will be discontinued with the testing now complete.

As always the health and safety of Lawrence Public Schools' students is our top priority, and we will continue to work with the City's water department to ensure school drinking sources are within pre-action levels.

Please see the below links for more information:

Information on Massachusetts support of testing for lead in public schools’ drinking water can be found here:

Information (in English and Spanish) on water quality in the city of Lawrence, including information on lead and copper, can be found in the 2016 Water Quality Report here:

Additional information on lead in drinking water (including links to materials in Spanish) and school-related issues can be found here:

The results of your school's tests can be found on the school pages.