Coordinated Program Review Report of Findings

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Dates of Onsite Visit: October 22-25, 2012
Date of Draft Report: January 3, 2013
Date of Final Report: February 25, 2013
Action Plan Due: March 22, 2013
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Over 1800 students attended April Acceleration Academies across eighteen K-8 schools, the Lawrence High School Campus, and the High School Learning Center. Nearly two-hundred teachers led students through 25 extra hours of mathematics instruction.

Attendance was terrific! Let’s congratulate our schools on over 90% attendance for the entire week!

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During the week of February vacation,  twenty-five Lawrence Public Schools hosted Acceleration Academies - rigorous and intensive academic sessions taught by excellent educators from Lawrence and other districts.

Over 2,000 students across K-8 schools, the High School Learning Center, and the LHS campus attended the Academy. Over 250 teachers participated in the Academy, the focus of which was primarily English Language Arts instruction. 

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