Breen Events

Breen students petting goats

The Breen recently celebrated their Harvest Fest. There were many activities including science stations for students to make observations of plants and animals from the petting zoo. It was a great way to nurture our student’s curiosity. In addition, of course everyone enjoyed apple cider & donuts!



Direction signs filled with counseling words

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PreK's "I Choose Kindness" hearts

In January, the Breen School began integrating kindness into our everyday school community. All staff has implemented ways of showing students what it is to be kind and how to show kindness. We celebrated the Random Acts of Kindness week in February and now we have ended March with a celebratory Acts of Kindness March around the school. On Thursday, March 28, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students all proudly participated by making a craft to show how they are kind and how their classroom shows kindness. 

Arthur Dorros speaking to students

Arthur Dorros, an acclaimed author and illustrator of children's books visited the Breen School students. Dorros has written many fictional and nonfictional picture books, including Abuela, La Isla, Ant Cities, and My House. Several of his books are bilingual, which many of our students thoroughly enjoy. While visiting, Dorros shared his ideas with students on how to develop stories. He explained how he developed some of his own stories and showed the writing and editing process. 

Part of our school goal in literacy and language development for the 2018-2019 school year was to have a school-wide author visit. This visit was important for us to reach our goal in this area so we can further promote and expose our young readers and writers to a meet and greet with an author of children's books. Our PTO generously bought a variety of his books for our students and teachers to enjoy. After enjoying the stories, students created different exhibits of various Arthur Dorros books that were displayed throughout the school. Special thank you to the Breen School PTO for the books they purchased!

Breen Students Cutting Ribbon In front of New Greenhouse

Breen School families and staff celebrated the opening of their brand new greenhouse. This Greenhouse will enable our young learners to have enriched hands-on experiences as they develop and awareness of a deeper understanding of living things in our environment. Many thanks to everyone involved who made this possible!