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Pre-K (AM) 8:05am - 10:42am

Pre-K (PM) 12:15pm - 2:52pm

Kindergarten 7:40am - 2:52pm

Phone Number

(978) 975-5932


(978) 722-8520


114 Osgood Street

Lawrence, MA 01843

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John Breen School Building

The John Breen School was built in 1910 and has grades ranging from pre-kindergarten thru kindergarten. It houses approximately 375 students and 50 staff members. The John Breen School is dedicated to foster a safe & caring community where teachers and families work together to create a respectful environment that promotes social and academic growth.


Margarita Amy , Principal


At the Breen School, we are dedicated to a hands-on approach to learning that fosters language and literacy development through differentiated, multisensory and open ended projects. Our school community is a place that offers students the opportunities to experience learning through developmentally appropriate lessons and activities planned by Educators who are experts in Early Childhood pedagogy. We embrace and celebrate cultural and linguistic diversity. We value the reciprocal relationship that is cultivated beterrm its families and staff. 


En la Escuela John Breen estamos dedicados  al desarrollo de los estudiantes en alfabetización  y  lenguaje a travez de actividades que entusiasmen los niños. Nuestra escuela les provee oportunidades de aprendizaje  en pedagogía a los  niños de edad pre-escolar y Kindergarten. Nosotros celebramos la diversidad en nuestra comunidad  y a la  vez invitamos a los padres a colaborar con nuestra facultad en promover la enseñanza de sus hijos/as.