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The overall goal of Student Support Services is to provide safe, orderly, and child-centered schools that support personalization and higher achievement for all students.  Our goal is achieved through a number of district and school-based supports, which work congruently with existing systems throughout the district.  This department is responsible for the oversight of all student data, attendance, disciplinary hearings, counseling and psychological services.


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Support Programs

  • Crisis Response
  • Community Agency Linkage and Collaborations
  • Mental Health Counseling Collaborations
  • Positive Behavior Support Program Support
  • Safe and Caring Schools Programs Support
  • Services for Homeless Students & Foster Care
  • Solutions Team/Family Support Teams

Student Data Management

  • Student Registration and Assignments 978-975-5900
  • District-Wide Student Data Oversight

Hearing Office

Attendance Office

Student Re-engagement

Tutoring Services

Lawrence Working Families Initiative

The Lawrence Working Families Initiative is a groundbreaking effort to link the families of Lawrence Public Schools students with resources to access employment and advance economically. 

What Is Lawrence Learns?

Lawrence Learns Logo - 3 drawn students holding handsLawrence Learns is a collective effort between LPS and community agencies to support and celebrate successful transitions into Lawrence Public Schools preschool and kindergarten programs.




Student Registration

For more information on student registration please click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Families

  • What is the Expanded Learning Time (ELT) Initiative in the Lawrence Public Schools?
  • Why is Expanded Learning Time (ELT) important?
  • What can my family expect as outcomes of this initiative?
  • Which schools have added time for 2013/2014?
  • Where do I find a specific school calendar including hours, early release schedules, and the number of school days for my child?
  • I have children who attend more than one school in Lawrence with different hours. Are there any options to assist me to navigate varied start and end times?
  • Given the longer school day, will there be additional meals or snacks for my child?
  • If my child’s school has partnered with an enrichment partner such as the YMCA or the Boys & Girls Club, how will transportation be arranged on inclement weather days?
  • Will children attending out of neighborhood schools for specialized programming (i.e.; academic learning center, medically fragile setting, etc.) be required to participate in all of the expanded learning time?
  • What do I do if I still have questions?

Preguntas Frecuentes y Respuestas para las Familias

  • What is the Expanded Learning Time (ELT) Initiative in the Lawrence Public Schools?
  • ¿Por qué es importante el Tiempo de Aprendizaje Ampliado (ELT)?
  • ¿Qué puede esperar mi familia como resultados de esta iniciativa?
  • ¿Cuáles escuelas han añadido tiempo para el 2013/2014?
  • ¿Dónde puedo encontrar un calendario escolar en específico, incluyendo la hora, los horarios de salida temprana, y el número de días de escuela para mi hijo(a)?
  • Tengo niños que asisten a más de una escuela en Lawrence con horarios diferentes.  ¿Hay otras opciones que me puedan ayudar a navegar entre variadas horas de entrada y salida?
  • Dado que el día escolar es ahora más largo, ¿Habrá comidas o meriendas adicionales para mi hijo(a)?
  • Si la escuela de mi hijo(a) se ha asociado con un socio de enriquecimiento tal y como la YMCA o el Boys & Girls Club, ¿Cómo se podría organizar la transportación en los días de mal tiempo?
  • ¿Se les requerirá a los niños que asisten a programación especializada (por ejemplo, centro de aprendizaje académico, ambiente médicamente frágil, etc.) en escuelas fuera de su vecindad, a participar en todo el tiempo de aprendizaje ampliado? 
  • ¿Qué hago si todavía tengo preguntas?

Lawrence Public Schools provides more than forty-five hours per teacher per year of professional learning. Forty-eight lead teachers and instructional coaches spearhead much of this effort. The district continues to expand and enhance the presentation of professional learning activities aimed at differentiated instruction, instructional strategies and data analysis to meet the needs of teachers and improve student achievement.

Examples of professional learning formats include:

  • Bi-annual, district-wide "job-alike" days
  • Monthly, school-based half-day professional learning sessions, courses, workshops and trainings
  • Job-embedded professional learning activities which include teachers' visits to resident classrooms to observe effective practices and team meetings to reflect on student achievement data for instructional planning.

A comprehensive teacher induction program, including a three-day new teacher orientation, beginning teacher course and mentoring, is provided to teachers new to the district. A priority is placed on building capacity within the district, by developing teacher leaders, providing leadership training for principals and district leaders and by providing professional learning programs that help staff members grow and develop and meet district, school and individual goals.

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