Lawrence Public Schools provides more than forty-five hours per teacher per year of professional learning. Forty-eight lead teachers and instructional coaches spearhead much of this effort. The district continues to expand and enhance the presentation of professional learning activities aimed at differentiated instruction, instructional strategies and data analysis to meet the needs of teachers and improve student achievement.

Examples of professional learning formats include:

  • Bi-annual, district-wide "job-alike" days
  • Monthly, school-based half-day professional learning sessions, courses, workshops and trainings
  • Job-embedded professional learning activities which include teachers' visits to resident classrooms to observe effective practices and team meetings to reflect on student achievement data for instructional planning.

A comprehensive teacher induction program, including a three-day new teacher orientation, beginning teacher course and mentoring, is provided to teachers new to the district. A priority is placed on building capacity within the district, by developing teacher leaders, providing leadership training for principals and district leaders and by providing professional learning programs that help staff members grow and develop and meet district, school and individual goals.

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