Curriculum and Instruction Department

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for the overall planning, implementation and evaluation of the district’s curriculum and instructional programs. The department ensures that curriculum programs are in compliance with the policies adopted by the Massachusetts Department of Education and the Lawrence Public Schools.

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The Lawrence Public Schools English Language Learners Department manages programs for English language learners (ELLs) with the purpose of developing English language proficiency and attaining state content-area standards. This department oversees the initial English proficiency testing and placement of ELLs, their English language instruction and content support, the process of program exit and the monitoring of ELLs for two years after exiting the program. It also supervises the professional learning and support of content teachers in the areas of second language acquisition and culture, Sheltered Instruction, teaching Reading and Writing to ELLs and the fostering of the professional learning community of English as Second Language (ESL) teachers. In addition, this department facilitates the Extended Learning Programs and Summer School Programs for immigrants and ELLs and the Family Literacy Programs for parents of immigrant students. This department is also a liaison between the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the 28 schools in the Lawrence Public Schools to ensure compliance with Federal and State mandates regarding the education of English language learners.


Organization and Structure of the
Lawrence Public School English Language Learners Department

The Lawrence Public Schools offers 100% Sheltered instruction to English Language Learners in grades K-12 in structured English immersion classrooms. In structured English immersion classrooms, all curriculum materials and instruction are in English. Native language may be used to help clarify concepts and skills when necessary. Teachers make use of specific teaching techniques that assist students in learning English and content skills and concepts. English as a second language instruction is offered to students in grades 1-12 which targets the development of English language skills, including reading and writing.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Lawrence Public School’s programs for English language learners is to provide top quality instruction to ELLs so they can acquire English language proficiency while having access to the core content in a non-threatening environment by:

  • Ensuring that instruction is scaffolded, modeled and differentiated.
  • Promoting a comfort level in the new culture in order to become productive members of the 21st century and beyond.
  • Enabling ELLs to compete with their peers and be college ready without remediation.

Each high school on the Lawrence campus is unique, but there are common features students should be familiar with at the start their high school career. From the start of ninth grade until the time that diplomas are presented, students must focus on meeting graduation requirements towards becoming college ready.


All students in high school are required to meet the Massachusetts State requirements, as well as the Lawrence Public Schools’ graduation requirements. In the chart below, are the graduation requirements common to all six schools. There are additional requirements within each specific school.


English and Mathematics must be taken every year even if exceeds the amount needed to graduate.


All Massachusetts students must pass the tenth grade English and math MCAS tests, and a Science exam as well as earn 110 credits of required and elective courses.


Credit / Course Requirments

Number of Credits

4 Years
4 Years
U.S. History (Includes Lawrence / Massachusetts History and Government)
2 Years
Social Studies
1 Year
3 Years
1 Semester
Physical Education 
2 Semesters
Additional Courses Towards Graduation (each high school offers these courses aligned with the theme of the school)
2.5 Years
MCAS in ELA, Mathematics, and STE
Proficient / Advanced
Total Credits
110 Credits

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