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colorful artwork and photo of student

Congratulations to Magory Collado our Artist of the Week! She is an ALA student in Ms Disario's art class and her colorful artwork makes you stop and think. Great work, Magory!

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Artist of the Week  

Magory Collado   Abbott Lawrence Academy

Contained Ingenuity   Acrylic & Sharpie

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student at art exhibit

Families are welcome to view the artwork on display at the Spring Art Show hosted on the 3rd floor of the Heritage State Park, 1 Jackson St now through April 27th. Paint, clay, found materials and more are showcased in unique pieces from students around the whole District. Judges awarded medals and trophies in many categories. 

Click here for some photos of the Show Opening.

Poster with three types of student art

All are welcome to join us at the 1st Advanced Art and AP Art Showcase to be held next Tuesday, May 3rd from 4 - 5:30pm on the Lawrence High School Campus Library. Come support our talented students. We hope to see you there.

student and teacher working with math compass

Students in all grades are learning math and other skills during this April vacation academy. This USA class is exploring the connections between algebra, geometry, and trigonometry making their own Fibonacci sequences on their work walls.

student actors dancing on stage

Music and dance filled the Performing Arts Center at the recent musical performance of Once on this Island. 

Click here to see photos of the musical.