Opening Dates:

K-12 | Wednesday, September 1, 2021 (Half day)
PK | Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Individual school hours are indicated on school pages of our website. (See top navigation bar of the LPS Website)

COVID-19 Related Guidance:

As required by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), LPS is in full in-person learning for the 2021 school year, without exemptions. There is no remote learning option at this time.
The following are current LPS protocols for COVID-19 cases and close contacts:

Mask Mandate 

The Lawrence Board of Health issued an executive order, effective August 3, requiring face coverings inside city-owned buildings, which includes LPS schools. Masks are required for all LPS students, staff and visitors when inside school buildings or using LPS transportation (unless eating or on an approved mask break).

Additionally, DESE implemented a mask requirement for all Massachusetts schools which is currently in place through at least January 15.

COVID-19 Communications

Close contacts, to the greatest extend possible, will be informed directly by health services. All classroom families will notified by their school. If there are multiple classrooms or cohorts with positive cases or if additional measures are implemented, the school community will be notified. These may include temporarily closing classrooms, or part of or the entire school, for the duration of a quarantine period.

School COVID data is available at any time by contacting your child’s school directly, and you can find weekly reported COVID data for every Massachusetts school district, including Lawrence, here:

Hand-washing and Sanitizing 

Students will be required to wash hands frequently. When soap and water are not in close proximity, hand sanitizer will be provided. Families will receive school notifications regarding the use of alcohol based sanitizers.  

COVID Testing

LPS conducts regular COVID checks (with parental/guardian consent) in multiple forms, including:

  • BinaxNOW testing in school for symptomatic students and staff
  • Routine COVID Safety Checks, which use group tests of asymptomatic participants to prevent potential spread of the virus before it starts
  • “Test and stay,” which allows close contacts of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 while at school to stay in school as long as they show no symptoms, instead of remaining home for the seven-day quarantine

If there are any changes, we will communicate that information with families in a timely manner. You can expect to hear from us by phone, email, text (if we have your cell phone number) and on social media. You can also revisit this page for more updates.

If your contact information has changed, please call your school to update your records and ensure you receive all important updates


All Massachusetts schools have returned to full, in-person learning for all students. As such, LPS is following its regular attendance policies for PK-8 attendance policy and High School attendance policy.

As noted in the Superintendent’s letter of August 30 (Spanish), students required to isolate or quarantine related to COVID-19 will be considered absent, as they would be for any illness. However, schools will recognize these absences are due to extenuating circumstances, and the goal is not to penalize them for this time. To the contrary, families’ cooperation is deeply appreciated and schools and staff will take all available steps to support impacted students with at-home work and making up missed instruction or assignments following a healthy return to the classroom.

Please also note, however, as detailed above and shared in the Superintendent’s Letter of October 29 (Spanish), LPS participates in “test and stay.” This statewide program allows students who are a close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 while at school to stay in school as long as they show no symptoms, instead of remaining home for the required seven- to 10-day quarantine.

Additionally, as stated in the Superintendent’s Letter of November 24 (Spanish), fully vaccinated students are exempt from quarantine protocols and testing – including test and stay – if they become a close contact and remain asymptomatic. You can find more information on the vaccine for children, as well as other local locations where it is available, at


If you have not yet registered, do so today. You can begin the process online, using the links below, or call the phone numbers to set up an appointment.
Note: appointments are booking a few weeks out -- act now to help your child start school on time!

New Students:  PK-Grade 12 

Re-enrolling students: K-12 (your child was previously enrolled, then moved/enrolled elsewhere and is now returning to LPS)

School Uniforms:

LPS requires uniforms for all grades, excluding pre-kindergarten. Individual schools determine the specific uniform requirements, typically voted upon by the School Leadership Team.

Our website includes a list of uniforms for K-8 uniform policy and high school uniform policy; please contact your school (Schools tab is located in the top navigation bar on the LPS Website) for specific questions.


Students who live more than two miles from their schools are entitled to transportation, as are students whose 504 or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) calls for it, some homeless students, and certain students in foster care. 

Notices regarding children’s school assignments also indicate if a child is eligible for transportation. In late August, if a child is eligible, the family will receive a notice with the bus stop location, time of pick-up and drop-off, and bus numbers.

A list of Private Transportation Vendors is available to families. 

Special Education

For questions or needs related to special education services please contact the Special Education Director assigned to your child’s school. A directory may be found Special Education Zone Directory. The Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) invites your participation. The 2021-22 meeting schedule may be found Special Education Parent Advisory Council 2021-2022 Meeting Schedule.