District Events

Intramural winners Girls and Boys teams pictured

Wrapping up some great competition with the Intramural Volleyball tournament action last week, 7th and 8th Grade Winners were Parthum School for the Girls and Spark Academy for the Boys. 5th and 6th Grade champs were Guilmette Middle for the Girls and Arlington Middle for the Boys. Great job to all students playing this season. Congratulations to the winning teams!

students celebrating their medals

Students from around the District and surrounding communities participated in what has been an exciting annual event for about 25 years when they arrived at Veterans' Memorial Stadium for the Special Olympics School Day Games. All the partnerships and volunteer help was greatly appreciated and the students had an exciting day of athletic events, games, fun and friendship. Here are some photos from the celebrations.

student dancers lifting one female dancer

Dancers from across the Lawrence High School Campus were joined by student dancers from the Guilmette and Spark in expressive dance performances. They used the theme "I Am Lawrence" to tell personal stories taken from their own experiences in these student choreographed dances. Enjoy photos from the event here.

Candidates visiting with students

Lawrence Public Schools welcomed the two Superintendent Candidate finalists as they toured the District and met with students, parents and members of the community. Cynthia Paris and Verna D. Ruffin had the opportunity to observe classrooms, speak with students and answer questions from the public during a full day visit. They will both have a formal interview with the selection committee this week as well.

students at computer using keyboarding software

Close to 6,000 students have been learning important keyboarding and digital literacy skills during 2017-18 to help them improve speed, formatting, and use of word processing techniques.  They have been using the Keyboarding Without Tears (KWT) program for 10 minutes each day.  KWT is a web-based curriculum for Grades K–5 that teaches typing, general computer readiness, digital citizenship, and practice for taking tests online.  Students who complete the program will receive an achievement certificate in June.  Congratulations!