LPS District Wide

holiday graphic

Just 9 more days to our countdown! Time flies just like this special holiday moment from the Guilmette Winter showcase in 2016. 

holiday graphic with photo of santa and kids

On the 10th day of our countdown, the Leahy school gave us, this wonderful Christmas photo from 2016. 

photo of a person holding food box

Over the weekend, many volunteers came and handed out boxes of food to the community. Santa also paid a visit and gave out books and candy canes to the children of Lawrence. 

holiday graphic with twelve text

On the 12th day of our countdown, we celebrate this special holiday moment during the 2016 LPS winter wonderland event. 

holiday graphic with thirteen text

Just 13 more days until holiday break! Let's take a moment to appreciate this precious moment from the 2017 LPS holiday performance.