RISE Events

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Thanks to Smolak Farms for hosting our first field trip of the year on Friday October 29.  We had a great time going on a hay ride, apple picking, and sampling some cider donuts.  

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Look for our sign in front of our building on Broadway!

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As we embark on the new school year we are delighted to inform you that Rise Academy has a new location!  As a result of COVID-19 school doors are not open to the public just yet, but we are very fortunate to be able to provide a new spacious learning environment for our students and families. Our goal this year is to give students the best education no matter the circumstances. Our new location has a large number of windows, an HVAC system that provides heat and air conditioning with exterior ventilation, and enough space to be able to follow all COVID related protocols.  


Our new address is 530 Broadway Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Contact info can be found under the About section on this website.

RISE staff dropped off chromebooks, Market Basket gift cards, and diapers and wipes to students last Friday, making sure to follow all social distance protocols.  Most of the students were excited to get their chromebooks if they were unable to make it to school to get one.   Many thanks to some of our community partners for helping to support our students during this difficult time, including Mona Igram from the Youth Advocacy Division and recently retired Judge Newman!



Remote Learning Plan


RISE uses Acellus extensively when it comes to credit recovery and students who are not able to physically attend school, so a large number of our students already are working on Acellus.  We will use Google Classroom for the students who were attending school, as well as students who may need direct instruction or modifications to assignments.  



  • Content area teachers are available during office hours for any questions or instructional assistance that students on Acellus may have

  • Weekly check-ins will be conducted with these students to make sure progress goals are met


Google Classroom

  • All teachers are currently posting to Google Classroom sites

  • We have agreed to post one assignment per day per subject area

  • Grades input will be on a pass/fail basis


The following are teaching and learning expectations during the shutdown period beginning the week of April 6th, 2020: 


a) Teachers will hold office hours from 9:00am to 12:00pm each day when school would have been in session and will be available via an online platform, which at RISE consists of Google Classroom, Zoom, text, and staff Facebook pages. 

    • All assigned work will be on reinforcing standards already taught or deepening student learning. 

    • No new learning should be conducted during this time. In these cases, we will  consider equity of access and support for all students.

    • No due dates are to be assigned

    • Grading

      • Credit/No Credit - teachers will give feedback to students and record grades as Pass/Fail

    • Google Hangout, Zoom, or other online platforms are appropriate to use during this time but should not be recorded by the Teacher or other students for privacy reasons if students are in live sessions. 

    • During this time, Teachers should be available to assist students with work, provide feedback to students on work or per DESE guidelines:  large-group video or audio conference calls, 1:1 phone or video calls, email, work packets, projects, reading lists, online learning platforms, and other resources to effectively engage with students. These tools could be used to deliver lessons, provide individual student support, provide resources (including instructional material and student assignments), connect students to each other and the teacher, and provide feedback on student work


b) Members will prepare weekly student work. Content area teachers will upload a roughly 30 minute assignment each school day.


c) Members are expected to have direct communication or interaction with each of their assigned students at least once a week.  All communication, either attempted or completed, will be recorded in Deanslist. If students are difficult to reach, a referral can be made to the outreach team.


d) Members will be available to consult with parents upon request via electronic and/or telephonic means during the normal workday or at another reasonable, mutually agreeable times.


e) Members will participate in one (1) online staff meeting up to sixty (60) minutes per week which will be scheduled by the building principal or department administrator.  RISE staff meetings will take place on Zoom on Mondays from 2:00 to 3:00 PM.


f) Members will be available by phone, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or email for consultations, including professional development, with administrators between 8:00am-3:00pm.

    • Teachers are working 9-12 with the purpose of getting face time with students and teaching via virtual learning platforms; office hours are intended for student facetime.

    • Between the hours of 12-3, teachers are prepping lessons and materials and attending PD (if applicable)

    • The 8:00 am - 9:00 am & 12pm - 3pm is for planning, professional development, family meetings, emails, and other activities