Screenshot of Teaching Channel Video

This spring, videos of ENLACE classrooms were featured on The Teaching Channel. A camera crew from The Teaching Channel visited ENLACE last May to film classes as part of their “ELL Deep Dive” project, which features examples from schools across the country that are providing strong instructional supports for English Learners. The videos were released in two sets along with an accompanying blog post for each. 


The first set of videos focuses on how ENLACE teaches academic language to newcomers through engaging, rigorous content. It features the Leadership Seminar of US History Teacher Matt Clements and a World Studies classroom where students are preparing for a Model United Nations simulation on climate change. You can read the blog post, "Engaging Newcomers in Language & Content," and see the videos here.


The second set of videos focuses on how ENLACE builds a strong learning community for ELLs and a collaborative professional community for teachers. It features the Algebra 1 classroom of Keila Colon, an instructional coaching cycle with Ms. Colon and principal Allison Balter, and a cohort-wide Community Circle, where students presented their work to a packed room of peers and teachers. You can read the blog post, "Building a Strong Learning Community for Newcomer ELLs," and see the videos here.