Students playing team-building game outside

ENLACE students were outside last week doing some team-building activities as part of their new Yoga & Wellness class launched this year. Designed and led by ENLACE teacher and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Lead, Samantha Curtis, the Yoga & Wellness class is one component of ENLACE's SEL initiatives. For the past two years, Ms. Curtis has applied for and received an SEL Innovation Award for Teachers. This award is a partnership between the NoVo Foundation, Education First and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors with the goal of supporting the spread of innovative social and emotional learning (SEL) practices in schools and districts nationwide. They received over 1,000 applications from more than 45 states, and only 12% of applicants were accepted. This award will provide Ms. Curtis and the ENLACE team with a $5,000 grant to build on the foundation of SEL practices started last year. It will help fund teacher stipends to form an SEL Committee that will strengthen ENLACE’s advisory curriculum and restorative justice practices and continue integrating SEL competencies into academics, purchase materials for the new Yoga & Wellness course, and establish a partnership with Panorama Education in order to conduct student surveys and gather data on social-emotional growth and development.