Thank you for you choosing Lawrence Public Schools (LPS).  Please use the links below to select the enrollment process that best meets your needs. 
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New PK-12 Students

This is for students who are new to Lawrence Public Schools that have never registered nor have attended Lawrence Public School.
Note: New to LPS students will be asked to create a pre-registration account using the link below.  Taking this step from home will save you time when you visit the Family Resource Center (FRC) or High School (for grades 9-12) to register.  If you cannot do this step from home, a staff member can help you with the process onsite. 

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Re-Enrolling K-12 Students

This is for students who have already attended a school in the Lawrence Public Schools or for students who have already been provided a student ID number by Lawrence Public Schools (i.e. for special education referrals).

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Abbott Lawrence Academy (9-12)

This is for an eighth grade students looking for a highly competitive, academically rigorous high school? Do you wish to attend one of our nation’s elite colleges or universities after graduation?