The Frost Building
The Robert Frost Middle School houses 500 students in grades 5-8.  Each team services students in Language Arts, Humanities/Social Studies, Science and two sections of Mathematics.  The expectations for student behavior at the Frost Middle are summed up by a commitment to the message of our school mascot… the FROST FALCON:
Family           “I belong here and I am proud to be a Frost Falcon!”
Ability           “My talent and skill grow with my effort.”
Legacy          “Once a Frostie, always a Frostie!”
Community    “We are all responsible for making our school great.”
Opportunity    “I will attend.  I will join.  I will contribute.  I will try.”
Nobility         “I am polite.  I am kind. I am respectful of others.’
Sincerity        “I am serious about reaching my full potential.”
Students at the Frost Middle School are able to participate in a vast palette of Extended Learning Day (ELD) opportunities which include intramural sports and Project Adventure; Computer Club; Dance, Dance, Revolution; American Sign Language, Robotics and Engineering; Beginning and Intermediate Guitar Lessons; Fashion and Accessories Club; Science Rocks!; Chorus: and many, many more!  Additionally, our school works in partnership with Discovering Justice which offers a Mock Trial Program and Boston Shakespeare Company which supports our ELD Drama Club.  With the Frost Middle School Honor Society and Frost Student Council, more than 65% of our students are involved in something outside of the academic program at the Frost Middle. That helps make this school a community of learners.