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 Strengthening our Distance/Remote Learning Plan


Now that school closure remains to the end of the school year, the Robert L. Frost Middle School is shifting its remote learning plan to further adjust to the needs of our students.  The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Commissioner Riley is looking for districts and schools to continually enhance and refine remote learning practices with a deeper focus on two areas:


  • Further defining the recommended elements of a quality remote learning program, including a focus on teaching the content standards most critical for student success in the next grade level


  • Encouraging districts to move all students toward successful engagement in remote learning, with a focus on addressing fundamental needs.


Throughout this time, FRM will continue to support students by providing additional platforms to help them make progress.  The improvements to our remote learning efforts will support teachers, staff, students, and families.  FRM will continue to maintain connections with the community and our school’s next steps will include deeper connections with students. 


We have already begun to place an emphasis on applying the state’s suggested focus standards within various subjects at each grade level, and devoting time each week for enrichment.  FRM’s distance/remote learning program will continue to ensure that opportunities for connection are included throughout core instruction.  Separate group or individual check-ins focused on students’ social-emotional health and well-being will be available for FRM students as well as lessons in Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  Staff at all grade levels will engage families with individual phone calls to check on students’ well-being, to review feedback on student work, or encourage students to engage in remote learning.


Teachers will maximize student engagement by providing real-world application for learning, engaging students in project-based learning with clear links to supports for students, using games and self-paced learning platforms, and hosting celebrations of progress.  FRM is widely adopting co-planning and co-teaching opportunities among all teachers, especially in larger whole class instructional formats and the ability to create breakout groups assigned to specific teachers.  To support students’ physical and emotional health, we will offer opportunities for enrichment, exercise, and play. 


FRM will plan and communicate remote learning content in weekly doses.  Planning and organizing lessons, assignments, and meetings one week at a time will allow students and families to plan time for schoolwork within their own daily routines and needs.  FRM Teams will deliver messaging through email, Google Classroom, REMIND, and by phone.  FRM Teams will communicate assignments and meeting times before each week begins.  FRM Teams have contributed to a school-wide virtual meeting schedule, which is also available on the FRM webpage.  Teams will ensure that families and students can quickly zero in on the lessons and assignments that are required.  FRM will continue to align its efforts with LPS to communicate important information with families.  FRM will afford opportunity for families to meet regularly with teachers to address issues that a student may be having accessing or completing remote learning lessons, meetings, or assignments.


FRM will run regular virtual social emotional groups where students can connect with peers and support staff.  Staff will reach out to families who require checks for work completion and student engagement.  Teachers will provide regular feedback on student work, identifying positives and areas of growth.  Teachers will employ “live” and “video” learning opportunities to help students navigate remote learning assignments.  Teams are scheduling regular study halls for students to complete assignments at the same time through online conference platforms with the teacher.


We must meet students’ foundational needs.  FRM is committed to strengthening our remote learning practices across all grade levels.  Thank you again for partnering with the Frost Middle School to benefit our students/your children.