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FRM Summer School

We invite FRM students in grades 5-8 to attend our summer academic program.  We have increased our target invitation to 30% of student enrollment and added at least one Unified Arts/PE Teachers position.  Our summer program will run in person.  Students will remain with their respective teaching Teams. 

Here's the link for our online google registration form:


FRM Summer School Dates and Times

Summer School Dates

  • Week 1:    June 28 - July 1            
  • Week 2:    July 5 - July 8
  • Week 3:    July 12 - July 15            
  • Week 4:    July 19 - July 22            
  • Week 5:    July 26 - July 29


Student Schedule 

  • Class – 8:00AM to 1:00PM
    Breakfast should take place before 8:00 AM. 
    Lunch should take place before 1:00 PM.

Summer School Site

Includes FRO, FR

Frost Complex


FRM Summer School Curriculum
  • Curriculum (Level Up) 
    Curriculum materials from the school will be used to take advantage of our in-house resources across the grade levels.
  • FRM Summer School Contact Information
    Please contact the Frost Middle School at 978-722-8810.  The Program’s Facilitators are Jennifer Sirois and Brian Lizotte.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Where do students who are “graduating” from our school attend for summer school?
  • Students will stay with their respective school and staff.  This allows students to be around teachers and staff with whom they are familiar.
    Is there transportation available for students? (Level Up)
  • Unfortunately, there is no transportation available for students.
    Is there an Enrichment Camp from 1:00PM - 3:00PM after summer school? 
  • Unfortunately, there will not be an enrichment camp offered at FRM beyond the summer program hours.