Home Rapid Antigen Testing Program 

FRM Families, LPS is updating its COVID-19 testing program to provide weekly at-home tests for all participating students and staff.  Test kits have started to arrive from the state, schools have received communication from the district regarding distribution for staff and students.

Details of the program and an invitation to participate was shared with all families.  The opt-in form remains open, and we continue to message this opportunity to families and staff.  All of the current information and links – including paper forms – are currently posted on the COVID-19 Testing page found at the top of the district website.



Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Testing) will take place between now and February 18.  We will use the next 3 weeks to test in ELA, MATH and SCIENCE.  The test is adaptive to students' responses and will take approximately two hours per testing session.  It is also designed in such a way that students will get a percentage of items wrong as it changes to find their individual instructional level.  Please encourage your child to take these assessments seriously as it will provide information on their degree of improvement from the fall to winter.


Thank You,

Mr. Patterson