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The Annual Frost Middle School Honor Society Induction ceremony is Wednesday, May 25th at 5:00PM in the Gym. 



FRM Student Dress Policy  


Students at the Robert L. Frost Middle School are expected to uphold standards of appropriate conduct and appearance.  Student dress should be suitable for normal school activity and demonstrate respect, pride and good standards of a student’s home and community.


Students may wear long or short-sleeved shirt, tie, blouse, vest, sweater, sweatshirt, pants, sweatpants, shorts, skirt, knee socks, tights.  All colors along the “color wheel” are accepted.


Students ARE NOT allowed to wear excessively torn, frayed or cut clothing or clothing or jewelry which displays suggestive slang and/or advertising detrimental to student health and safety (ie. alcohol, drugs), or containing inappropriate language.


The following items ARE NOT allowed as part of the school day (unless otherwise authorized) –


Jeans, jean shorts, bandanas, hats, cut-off shorts, tank tops or “spaghetti straps” (unless covering a short or long-sleeved T-shirt), sleeveless shirts, tankini, mid-drift or “half” shirts, slippers, open toe shoes (ie. sandals, slides, high-heels). 


Any “outside” wear (ie. light-weight jackets, winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves, earmuffs, sunglasses, etc.) is not permitted during the school day (with the exception of recess or another outside activity) and must be stored in students’ lockers.


The wearing of hoods as part of a hooded sweatshirt or hooded jacket/windbreaker, etc. is not to be worn inside during school hours due to concerns surrounding academic engagement and student safety.  If the wearing of hoods persists at any grade level, the wearing of hooded sweatshirts as part of the policy for "appropriate student dress" may be removed from the list of acceptable items and students will be asked to store the hooded item in their locker.


Repeated violation of the policy for appropriate student dress at FRM will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Lawrence Public Schools’ Students Rights and Code of Conduct under C-Code violation #6.  Excessive violations of the student dress policy may result in the loss of privilege to attend school events.