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Report Card information will be available in PowerSchool by Wednesday, March 24th.  Please see your child's grade level information below to schedule a virtual report card conference.  Please use Sign-Up Genius to schedule your conference.  Please be prompt and on time.  A waiting room will be available.  If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please contact the Frost Middle School at 978-722-8810.  We look forward to meeting with you!




Please sign up for a Term II report card conference using the link below using Sign Up Genius.


Grade 5 will host conferences in Teams of three for the benefit of providing one literacy teacher, one math teacher, and one science teacher per conference.  Conferences will be held:


Wednesday, March 24th from 1:45 to 5:00

Thursday, March 25th from 1:45 to 5:00

Monday, March 29th from 1:30 to 3:30


Information is also up on the Grade 5 Google Classroom pages.  We look forward to seeing you!




Please sign up for a Term II report card conference using the link below using Sign Up Genius.  We look forward to meeting with you!




Due to the pandemic, we will be conducting Term 2 conferences remotely via Zoom. We are using SignUp Genius to schedule conferences in 15-minute increments and meeting in two teams. Each team will have a Math/Science/Literacy teacher. Our support staff for SPED, ELL, translation, and Integrated Studies will join as needed.


Wed 3/24 - 1:45 to 5:00pm (last meeting at 4:45)

Thurs 3/25 - 1:45 to 5:00pm (last meeting at 4:45)

Fri 3/26 - 1:30 to 3:30 (last meeting at 3:15)


Zoom Room 1
Zoom Room 2

If a family/parent needs to speak with one of the other teachers that are not present, we will record that request and provide them to the appropriate staff member. That staff member can then reach out to that family via email, phone call, or Zoom at another time.  Please be prompt and on time. It's better to be early and wait a few moments in the waiting room. If you are late for the meeting, parents only get the remaining time in that time slot. If you are unable to meet during the allotted days/times, please reach out to your student's HR teacher to schedule a meeting at a later, agreed-upon time.

We look forward to meeting with you soon!  Please see the following link for additional information regarding standards-based grading. 

" shash="HxsCgm5VX55kE1jgZIODU7FFMlY4n4yw2DksCrrIOq5AuYiIqWl+eBKa/XsxS/vZ8FOG7XWTem74UHi2URsOI/R6LB0R5iB8tFSheyzct1a59u8yK1tQCA4NM+4fvdMied9nU88sH8HT1CjUMMKKlUMb6CiUV39pqC29q8lJ8Jc=" target="_blank" title="Original URL:
. Click or tap if you trust this link.">
 or tell them to go to YouTube and search "Lawrence Public Schools Standards-based Grading".




Please click on the following link to connect you to Sign Up Genius where you can review the available dates and time slots and sign up for a Term II report card conference with your child's homeroom teacher.  A few things to know about conferences:


1. Conferences will be approximately 20 minutes long.

2. Please be prompt as another family will be scheduled right after you.

3. Specify on the sign-up if you will need someone to translate for you.

4. Your son/daughter is invited to join us in the conference.

5. Thank you and WE look forward to meeting with you!


Mrs. Consoli's Class:


Ms. Grimley's Class:


Ms. Finneran's Class:


Mr. Sweeney's Class:!/showSignUp/10C0D49AFAE2BA4FDC70-mrsweeney1


Mrs. Robinson's Class







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FRM Families -- Please join a meeting with Superintendent Cynthia Paris on Monday, March 15 from 3:00 -- 4:00PM and/or Tuesday, March 16 from 5:00 -- 6:00PM to discuss LPS partnership to support your children.  Please RSVP @SHORTURL.AT/ZPT67

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THANK YOU TO THE 206 FRM FAMILIES who responded to the district’s Parent Questionnaire.  The Frost Middle School enjoyed favorable results with many approval ratings exceeding 75% strongly agree and/or agree!  Please continue to contact the Frost Middle School with any questions or concerns regarding your child’s middle school experience.  On behalf of the entire staff, we truly appreciate the community’s support of our efforts and look forward to a continued successful partnership!  Thank you for your continued participation and support!


Please view FRM’s 2020 report card as determined by the Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE) accountability formula.  The Department recently made the 2020 school and district report cards available on the report cards website.  PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK.  When you navigate the DESE site, please type in "Lawrence" where it reads, "Search for a School or District Report Card".  When scrolling through the schools in Lawrence, please scroll down to Robert Frost Middle School.  


The last day for Term II is Friday, March 19.  LPS will host Report Card Conferences from March 29 through April 2.  More information to be provided.


ALL students in grades 5-8 will take the Measures of Academic Progress test in English Language Arts and Math on the following dates:

March 2 and March 9 – Grades 7 and 8  (March 3 and March 10 for make-ups)

March 4 and March 11 – Grades 5 and 6 (March 5 and March 12 for make-ups)


If you have technical issues with your device or need to swap out your device, you may bring your Chromebook to the Frost Middle School office on the following days and times:


Mondays from 1:15 to 2:45

Tuesdays from 2:00 to 3:30

Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:30


*Please note that technical assistance will not be available at other times during the week.


Thank You.

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Parents, please see the link for the LPS Family School Experience Questionnaire.  The questions ask how our school can further support your family with remote learning at home.


We ask as many families participate as possible so that we may use this information to better support our community!  Grade level Teams will also post this information via REMIND and Google Classroom.  The survey is available to parents through Friday, February 5th.


Thank you for your continued support of your children's academic progress and our staff, while helping the Frost Middle School community.


Mr. Patterson




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Check out our Frost Middle School Math Newsletter. 


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