Frost Elementary Events

Playing the ukulele

It may be freezing outside, but inside Frost Elementary students are learning how to play the ukulele in their after school program.  

Adopt A House

Frost Elementary students braved the rain to go deliver Thanksgiving wishes to their neighbors on Hamlet St.  Each class was assigned a house and will send wishes to them throughout the year.  Thank you to our friends on Hamlet Street for being great neighbors. 

Students working in science.

Frost Elementary 3rd graders love learning about the Solar System in Science.  

Photo Booth

The Frost Elementary celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a wonderful family event filled with food, dancing, games, and a photo booth. Thank you to all families and staff members who donated food for this event.  A great time was had by all.  

Self- Portraits

Frost Elementary students have been working on Self-Portraits with art teacher Ms. Wolfe. Great job to our talented artists!