Guilmette Elementary Events

2 Students standing in front of bug wall with different drawings

Students in Mrs. Pellizzaro's 1st Grade Science Class made models of insects and labeled the parts. Students also completed "All About" books (nonfiction writing) to teach the reader all about insects. Students cannot only tell you the names of the body parts - but the job each part does.

Students posing in front of tree and dog costume from their showcase

The Guilmette Elementary School Winter Arts Showcase was a wonderful celebration of Visual Artists, Musicians, Chorus and Dancers! Happy Holidays!

Students standing around a loom

Elementary students from the Guilmette School had a special opportunity to create during their February Acceleration Academy work. They learned to weave their own handmade cloth with the help of professional weaver Mihoko Wakabayashi, who brought in working loom for the students use in a hands on learning class. The cloth made on the looms will be displayed in the school. Thank you, Mihoko, for this amazing experience.

Student painting mural

The Guilmette Elementary celebrated the Arts with their most recent mural unveiling. Thanks to funding by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Lawrence Cultural Council, one hundred twenty five 4th grade students collaborated with mural artist, David Fichter to create a mosaic and painted mural on the 2nd floor of our school. The mural theme is Guilmette Reading Garden.
As a school this is our fifth opportunity working with this amazing artist. As one student, Kiara Jones stated during the mural process “Art allows me to be who I am!” This teamwork allows students to leave their creative mark on the school for many to enjoy for years to come. We are truly appreciative for all of the grants that was funded to make it possible!

Students stand with their Kindhearted Character Awards

The following Guilmette Elementary 4th grade students earned the Kindhearted Character Award because they were being kind, caring and generous to others! Congratulations Anderson, John, Kiara, Kimberlyn  and Eric!