Guilmette Elementary Events

SOAR Acceptance Award

Congratulations to these amazing 2nd graders who recently earned the SOAR Acceptance Award for celebrating differences in their friends and people:)

SOAR Acceptance Award grade 3

Congratulations to these incredible 3rd graders for earning the SOAR Acceptance Award for honoring everyone's differences!

SOAR Acceptance grade 4

Congratulations to these amazing Guilmette Elementary 4th graders who recently earned the SOAR Acceptance Award!  They were selected because they accept all friendships no matter what people look like, or what languages they speak.  They accept people for who they are:)  Well done friends!

SOAR Acceptance Award grade 1

Wow! Congratulations to these amazing first graders who earned the SOAR Acceptance Award for respecting all friends and celebrating all of our differences:)

Dry Marker Recycle

Guilmette Elementary Students are participating in the Crayola Dry Marker Recycle Program.  Recycle bins are located outside the science rooms, and outside the artroom on floor two.  Help the After School Art Program collect all dried out markers from school or home to recycle markers into fuel, and keep our earth clean:)  We will accept and recycle any brand of dry markers.  Thanks for your help!