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7:30am - 3:10pm


Phone Number

(978) 686-8150


(978) 722-8523


80 Bodwell Street

Lawrence, MA 01841

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Kathleen Smith , Principal

Eric Cyr , Asst. Principal


The Guilmette Building

The Guilmette Elementary School is a neighborhood school proudly serving 550+ students in grades 1-4. The Guilmette Elementary is committed to providing the highest quality education and has achieved Level 1 Status (awarded by the state) for the past 2 years! Students attending the Guilmette School are provided with a strong balance of academic and arts based experiences. At the Guilmette “kindness” is not just a word but a value that is taught and reinforced as strongly as reading, writing, and math. We take pride in providing a supportive, yet rigorous environment where students are held to (and consistently meet) the highest of expectations. We firmly believe that “hard work matters” and know that all students can excel. At the Guilmette Elementary School, students and staff alike demonstrate the effort that it take to make the continuous growth we are experiencing. It’s a fun place to be ;)