Hennessey Events

group photo of Hennessey parents holding their certificates

Our students and parents/guardians were nominated for the January and February Character Traits Awards. We had the celebration this week and it was a great turn out. Teachers were asked to nominate students and parents/guardians who showed these character traits throughout the month of January and February. The character trait for the month of January was Encouraging and for February it was Prepared.


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Nuestros estudiantes y padres / tutores fueron nominados para los premios de rasgos de carácter de enero y febrero. Tuvimos la celebración esta semana y fue una gran asistencia. Se les pidió a los maestros que nominaran estudiantes y padres / tutores que mostraran estos rasgos de carácter durante todo el mes de enero y febrero. El rasgo de carácter para el mes de enero fue alentador y para febrero fue preparado.


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students posing with an astronaut cut out during their field trip

Yesterday 1st grade went to the Discovery Center for their field trip. They had a blast!


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Ayer los estudiantes del 1er grado fueron al Centro de Descubrimiento para su viaje de estudios. ¡Lo pasaron genial!


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student sledding outside

We love Henny Penny celebrations! On this sunny Friday we played in the snow.



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Nos encantan las celebraciones de Henny Penny! En este viernes soleado jugamos en la nieve.


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Students holding a snake

We had a great time yesterday with Curious Creatures. Students were able to pet and learn interesting facts about these creatures. 


Los pasamos muy bien ayer con criaturas curiosas. Los estudiantes pudieron acariciar y aprender datos interesantes de estas criaturas.

Parent playing checkers with students

The Hennessey School hosted a tech free family game night yesterday. Our parents and students played games such as UNO, Bingo, cornhole, and checkers.