Hennessey Events

Racks of student clothing and coats

Catie's Closet is an organization that provides free clothing and toiletries to students. Catie's Closet creates a clothing store within the school to provide families with direct access to what they need. When they need it, free of charge! 

Mayor Dan Rivera dropping off gifts to the Hennessey

#TBT ThrowbackThursday

Christmas was made possible for more than 360 students. 
About 2 weeks ago we were lucky enough to provide a gift to every student at the Hennessey School with the help from various contributors including our GoFundMe page, Commonwealth Motors Kia, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet & Volkswagen, Mayor Dan Rivera of City of Lawrence and members of our very own school community. We hope these gifts put a smile on our student’s faces. Thank you to everyone who helped us meet our goal. We really appreciate it.


#TBT ThrowbackThursday

Parent playing checkers with students

The Hennessey School hosted a tech free family game night yesterday. Our parents and students played games such as UNO, Bingo, Cornhole, and checkers.  

Students holding a snake

We had a great time yesterday with Curious Creatures. Students were able to pet and learn interesting facts about these creatures.

student sledding outside

We love Henny Penny celebrations! On this sunny Friday, we played in the snow.