Fine Arts Department Information

Fine Art Department

The Lawrence Public Schools Fine Arts Department will ensure that every student has access to a balanced, comprehensive, and sequential program of study in the arts. Arts education cultivates the whole child, gradually building visual, verbal and music literacy while developing intuition, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication. Every child will have the opportunity to experience the creativity, and intellectual stimulation that arts education programs provide. The curriculum guide is designed to meet the goals and guidelines of the Massachusetts Fine Arts Frameworks, the National Fine Arts Standards and offers strategies for addressing the integration of common core standards.

Music Department

As music educators in the Lawrence Public Schools, our mission is to empower all students to be lifelong, independent musicians who will confidently create, perform, and respond to the music surrounding them and their extended communities. From general music classes, to ensemble rehearsals and performances, students are provided with an education that focuses on developing holistic artistic literacy, and equips them to leave their unique and creative mark in the world. 

Lawrence High School Theater Department

Lawrence High School Theater Department is a theater program open to all public Lawrence High School students in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Through a multitude of classes, productions, and community outreach students develop performance understanding, technical theater skills, literacy, and social awareness. The goal of this educational program is to not only give an urban student the full, enriching, and professional experience of the theater but to create a true understanding of self and community betterment. During the season we hope to inspire openness to explore new ideas and generate discussion about the art of theater and its power in personal and social growth in an urban community.

Dance Department

The Lawrence Public Schools Dance Department is a K-12 Dance program dedicated to giving all students the training and opportunities to be lifelong learners and performers. Through classes at the Parthum Elementary, Guilmette Elementary and Middle School, SPARK Academy, Lawrence High School, and other after school programs throughout the district, students learn confidence, develop healthy living habits, and explore dance as an expressive and communicative art form. By learning various dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop and cultural styles, and participating in performances both at school and in the community, students build cognitive skills, psychomotor skills, as well as cultivate a strong sense of civic engagement and public service.