Most current research on the implementation of computer-based technology in K-12 education reports that technology is a means, not an end; it is a tool for achieving instructional goals, not a goal in itself. In today's world, computer-based technology is not a frill, but an important component of any modern curriculum. The factors which repeatedly appear in the literature as crucial elements for successfully using technology include the following:

  • Technology is best used as one component in a broad-based reform effort.
  • Teachers must be adequately trained to use technology.
  • Teachers may need to change their beliefs about teaching and learning.
  • Technological resources must be sufficient and accessible.
  • Effective technology use requires long-term planning and support.
  • Technology should be integrated into the curricular and instructional framework.

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Outlook Web Access

  • Create new email
  • Use address book
  • Reply to email
  • Forward email
  • Create Folders
  • Change Password
  • Create Rules
  • Create Signature
  • Change Themes
  • Create Automatic Replies
  • Change Preview Pane

LHS Learning Commons

The mission of the Lawrence High School Campus Learning Commons is to enable students to become educated, self-confident, lifelong learners and responsible citizens by:

  • Supporting the mission of the district
  • Developing diverse collections in many formats to meet learning styles of students, to support the schools' curricula and good instruction
  • Providing a foundation of skills and knowledge for enjoying and using ideas and information
  • Teaching information literacy strategies to promote efficient, effective and ethical use of information
  • Fostering a love of reading in all literary genres to develop lifelong learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity
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