Students in front of Plaque bearing names of fallen LHS students

Dulce et Decorum Est pro patria mori:  These are the first words of a Latin saying taken from an ode by Horace.  They are also the final lines of a poem about WWI written by Wilfred Owen.  The words were widely understood and often quoted during World War I.  They mean:  "It's sweet and right to die for your country."  In other words, it is a wonderful and great honor to fight and die for your country.  

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the INT Senior Class Officers and other students participated in a ceremony to honor the LHS students who fought and died in WWI. The ceremony took place at the 1918 marble plaque at the entrance of the building. INT students were honored to participate in this event and pay tribute to the LHS students who fought and paid the ultimate price for their country.