Student with teacher and holding saxophone

INT History teacher, Andrew Dellacroce, noticed that one of his newcomer students, Wini, was feeling a little sad.  After talking to her, Mr. Dellacroce found out that Wini is a classically trained musician, but that she had to leave her beloved saxophone behind when she immigrated to the US. 

Mr. Dellacroce sprang to action! 

Through the power of social media, Mr. Dellacroce enlisted the help of family and friends...and...within days, he had secured a saxophone for Wini!

Wini was so appreciative that she immediately played one of Mr. Dellacroce's favorite songs:  Imagine, by John Lennon.

Congratulations to one of INT's own, Mr. Dellacroce, for going the extra mile for an appreciative student, Wini. 

Wini...keep on playing because you do it so well.   INT is so very proud of both of you!