International Academy Events

Students in front of Plaque bearing names of fallen LHS students

Dulce et Decorum Est pro patria mori:  These are the first words of a Latin saying taken from an ode by Horace.  They are also the final lines of a poem about WWI written by Wilfred Owen.  The words were widely understood and often quoted during World War I.  They mean:  "It's sweet and right to die for your country."  In other words, it is a wonderful and great honor to fight and die for your country.  

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the INT Senior Class Officers and other students participated in a ceremony to honor the LHS students who fought and died in WWI. The ceremony took place at the 1918 marble plaque at the entrance of the building. INT students were honored to participate in this event and pay tribute to the LHS students who fought and paid the ultimate price for their country.    

Students holding supplies

A big shout out to Sarah Cordero, whose Donor's Choose project was successfully funded! Mrs. Cordero, an ESL teacher at the International High School, has been reaching out to donors after many of her students became victims of the Merrimack Valley gas explosion incident. Her project, “Life Essentials for Merrimack Valley Gas Explosion Victims,” received $1,300 in funds from a variety of donors from the Merrimack Valley area. The project will provide INT students with necessary supplies such as food, toiletries, and other essential goods. Thank you, Sarah, for being a tireless advocate for the INT community!

2 persons standing

 INT Celebrates Teacher of the Year!


Two INT teachers, Christi Cartwright (ESL) and Mary DeFelice (ELA), were nominated for the Teacher of the Year awards presented by the Rotary Club. It was a great night for INT, who took home the Rising Star award, presented to Christi Cartwright, for “consistently pushing the limit in regard to what constitutes high standards in ESL instruction and for being a tireless advocate for ELs.” Christi’s curriculum design approach, along with her instructional focus on highly-engaging and highly- rigorous strategies, have brought the INT professional community to a completely new level. Her incessant quest for innovation--also recognized recently by the Linda Schulman Award and the SEL Innovation Award--is visible in all aspects of her work.

While a very humble person, Mary DeFelice’s talents are well-known among her colleagues and students who often refer to her as "Miss Cookie," which highlight, the strong relationship she forms with students. Her well-prepared classes undoubtedly illustrate her knowledge of second language acquisition and instruction,as well as her drive to share her passion for language and literature with her newly arrived students.

Congratulations, Christi and Mary! We are proud to be your colleagues, here, at INT!

Person standing in front of white board

Christi Cartwright, an ESL teacher at INT, has been selected as one of the recipients of the prestigious SEL Innovation Award for Teachers.  The funds from the NoVo SEL Innovation Fund will be used to purchase Chromebooks and additional technology that will enable INT students to create multimedia digital storytelling videos that detail their immigration journey. The Chromebooks will also help INT students develop self-awareness, empathy, appreciation for diversity, and respect for others when viewing and discussing the projects of their peers. Way to go, Christi!

Teachers at board

During their first week back, INT educators have immersed themselves in PD sessions featuring effective strategies and techniques that integrate SEL into instruction. With the support and guidance from the INT Curriculum Team, all content-area teachers were able to design lesson plans as well as projects showcasing SEL competencies, which they presented to their peers.