International Academy Events

Teachers, Students on Boston Tea Party

On Friday, June 8th, INT students in good academic standing were able to spend the day at Canobie Lake Park.  The weather was perfect and the rides were amazing!  A great time was had by all!  Congratulations to students for your hard work all year!  

Teachers, Student and Principal at MATSOL

Accolades for INT at MATSOL

INT was well represented at the MATSOL 2018 conference last week, where a group, including teachers, administrators, and a SLIFE student presented six sessions. Teachers, Mary DeFelice and Christi Cartwright, Principal, Geraldo Acosta, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Nicoleta Filimon, and student, Carlos Javier Mendoza, presented on programming, curriculum, and instructional strategies for SLIFE and beginner ELs, highlighting the resounding MCAS success of INT students. Two INT staff members also received MATSOL awards: Nicoleta Filimon-MATSOL, Teacher of the Year, and Christi Cartwright-Linda Schulman Award. Congratulations, INT, and especially student Javier Mendoza, who did an outstanding job on the panel presentation!

Students standing with Principal Acosta

Ten former INT students have been inducted in the National Honors Society. Students wanted to take a moment to thank INT principal, Geraldo Acosta, and ALL INT teachers for all the help they received during their time at INT , where they started their academic journey in the US as newly-arrived immigrants. Congratulations to all National Honors Society inductees!

Students presenting about their business venture

Successful Entrepreneurs at INT

During the 2017-2018 school year, the International High School has partnered up with Eparatodos, a non-profit organization that helps Hispanics and Latinos in the community bring their business ideas to life and become successful entrepreneurs. Two groups of 4 students participated in the program and were able to successfully create a business plan, sale their products and make profit out of it. The two groups were Atrevete-International Shirt Company and Natu-dely. Atrevete-International Shirt Company created and implemented a business plan based on the idea of selling affordable apparel that complied with the school uniform code, and, at the same time, aligned with the school's vision of promoting social-emotional learning by raising social awareness.   Natu-dely's vision was to raise self-awareness and stop bullying among students whose skin might be different by creating a cosmetic line for all skin types and also promoting healthy eating by selling healthy food during lunchtime. During the last parent-teacher night event at INT, audience voted on the best business plan and the winning group was rewarded with Chromebooks. In addition, all participating students will be going on a field trip to New York with all expenses paid. Most of the students who participated will become members of the Eparatodos program for adults, after graduation, to grow their business ideas. The members of the Atrevete-International Shirt Company will also be creating shirts for Hispanic Week. They have also partnered up with two community agencies to make shirts for their employees.

Student presenting before Parents

INT Does It Again!

The last parent-teacher conference of the year at INT proved to be another resounding success.  More than 150 people attended the event at INT on May 9. Parents, students and INT community partners celebrated the students’ achievements and the school’s successful initiatives this year: the founding of student-led business groups, collaborating with local businesses and organizations to offer a variety of internships for students, and infusing the school’s spiraling curriculum with social-emotional competencies.

The student-led business initiative was spearheaded by Katherine Almonte, the school culture speacialist in collaboration with E Para Todos. At the end of a yearlong collaboration, two groups were formed:  Atrevete, a company specialized in selling apparel merchandise, and Natu-Dely, a business promoting natural beauty products.  While both groups received external funding to begin their business venture, they have invested a lot of capital through fundraising efforts.

 Among the community partners who participated in the event were Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, ACT-Lawrence, Lawrence Public Library, ValleyWorks and Walgreen’s.  In their presentations, they focused on making parents and students more aware of the employment potential that internships usually carry. Some of the INT community partners, such as Walgreen’s have prided themselves with hiring many of the INT grads over the years!

The event also featured the INT academic initiative this year: infusing curriculum with social-emotional competencies. Twenty-five students presented projects interweaving rigorous academic expectations with social-emotional competencies such as perspective-taking, empathy, appreciating diversity, respect for others, responsible decision-making, evaluating and reflecting. Presentations took place in carousel format, allowing the audience to interact with the presenters and rate each presentation using a rating scale.

The biggest surprise of the night was the live voting (via text) of the most successful presentation from the business groups. After all the votes were casts, Atrevete was declared the winner. The business groups members, Winnifer Deleon, Franny Pena, Ramelfi Martinez and  Katherine Mercedes each received a laptop and an invitation to ride a limousine on prom night, at no cost.

Congratulations, INT!