Leahy Events

October Legendary Lions

Congratulations to our October Legendary Lions!!!!

2 Students doing pencil disappearing magic

Students at the Leahy School were busy learning the science behind magic in one class this February Acceleration Academy. Do you see the left pencil? They explored new books and expressed themselves in chorus during this intensive week of learning

Teachers and administration accepting donation

FM Leahy School would like to etend a special thank you to Black DIamond Networks. The company fully funded a grade-1 field trip to see the production of CHarlotte's Web at at Wheelock College Family Theatre. Also, we would like to thank Mrs. Carpennito, one of our grade-1 Teachers, and her son for all of their hard work to make the fireld trip come to fruition.

Leahy teachers dress as 100 year olds

Kindergarten teachers at FM Leahy school turned 100 on the 100th day of school this week. At first, many students didn't recognize their teachers. But when they got closer, they had a laguh! Students engaged in celebratory activities to celebrate 100 days of learning.

Grade 3 students in Miss Chuha's class celebrated ST Math success when they mastered 100% of the program. The ST Math rockstars have now moved on to more complex concepts, and they are being hired by Miss Chuha to co-teach certain lessons. Thei success has inspired others to log into ST Math at home in order to hit the 100% mark, too! Great job, kids!