Lawrence Family Public Academy Events

A family with costumes

Lawrence Family Public Academy held a Fall Literacy and Harvest Festival on Friday, October 27. Students were invited to wear their costumes and participate in literacy activities led by Tasha Espendez from Raising A Reader in conjunction with PTA and staff from the school. Students also participated in games including Bingo, crafts, dance, Pin the Spider on the Spiderweb, Ring Toss and Donuts on a String. Parents were involved in a puzzle contest and pumpkin decorating contest.

Student voting at blue station

Polls opened this morning at 8:30 for our k-2 students to vote in the Presidential Election. Each student had a ballot with the name and picture of the two main candidates and entered the voting booth to cast their vote. Hilary Clinton won by a vote of 69 to 22 for Donald Trump.

Parents and teachers meeting in gym

School Multicultural and PTO Election Night it was about connecting parents, school and community to work together in our children favor.

Students sitting in tractor ride

The students enjoyed taking a hayride on the tractor to explore the apple orchard. The students learned about the different kinds of apples and the ages of the apple trees. They also had the opportunity to pick pumpkins from the pumkin patch and enjoy some delicious apple cider and doughnuts.

LFPA students wearing bruins clothes

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, students at LFPA celebrated Bruins opening day at the Garden with a Bruins T-shirt fundraiser. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used towards transportation costs for future field trips. Thank you to all who participated! Go B’s!