Lawrence High School Campus Events

LHS staff posing with World Series Trophies

Three of the Red Sox World Series Trophies visited the Lawrence High School Campus on Friday, December 21. They were brought by Wally and Tessie to give people in the city a chance to see the trophies up close for a photo op. Everyone was invited to bring an unwrapped gift to donate to the Toy Drive for children in the three communities effected by the gas explosions. Click here for some photos. You have a chance to participate until 4pm. Don't miss it!

football player holding MVP award with parent

Congratulations to Senior Football Player, Brandon Santell, who was recognized as the MVP at the Lawrence v Central Thanksgiving game. Great work this year!

Girls Basketball players posed around school logo

Lawrence Girls Basketball had approximately 55-60 students tryout this year. Lancers have only 5 seniors returning and only two Varsity starters, Lawrence will be in a rebuilding stage this year. As a coaching staff we are excited about what lies ahead for our program. With a young team, this is the Future of Lawrence Girl's Basketball. Winter Sports season is starting soon. Check out the Girls Basketball schedule and cheer on our Lancers!

woman sitting on floor surrounded by books

I am Ms. Pokrovski, the new LHS Library Media Specialist. I wanted to help create a collection that would get more students reading. The selection is meant to get even the student who says "Ms. I don't read", reading more, because, following that statement, is the one book that he or she did love, but couldn't find/didn't have access to more like it. Everyone is a reader, my job is to find what's current and popular with teens, so they decide to read the one, two, or ten extra books over the course of the year.There are students, who were readers in middle school, but stopped, because the series they were reading wasn't available or complete here: "Ms. I was at the third book in Harry Potter, or The Percy Jackson series, or Maze Runner". It's my job to have books and series books that help students transition from middle school to high school. It's also important to have engaging reads that hit topics teens care about and can relate to at all reading levels, so all our students can be readers. 

I want students to know they can come to check books out before school from 7:30-8:00am Monday-Friday, after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:30, during their lunch, or with a pass to the library from their teacher. If i am at lunch, teaching classes, or at a meeting, they should leave the book, and come back to check it out with me.  

We have a ton of digital resources such as online databases, ebooks, and other technology tools, but print resources still matter. Many of our students do not have access to devices at home besides a cell phone, which can have an inadequate screen and interface for reading comfortably, and websites can often prove unreliable. Having a balance of both, and access to both is essential. LHS has really supported my efforts this year, as I have been able to bring 700+ new titles and copies to the school. Come, bring your students, and enjoy books!

You can also visit the "Search Catalog" tab in the LHS online catalog. Click here for the LHS Learning Commons website   

huge group of Lancer JROTC lined up

The Lancer Battalion will be hosting a Drill Competition Saturday, December 1, 2018 from 8:00 am to approximately 2:00 pm. There will be 11 high schools from across the Commonwealth that have US Army JROTC participating in this precision drill competition. The winner takes home the much sought after Governor's Cup and will be named State Champions. This team will then compete at the regional match in New York City. The Lancer Battalion last won the Governor's Cup in 2015.