School Counseling

School counselors are members of the education leadership team and serve a vital role in maximizing student success. Through advocacy and collaboration, the school counselor promotes equity and access to opportunities and educational experiences that develop strategies for academic achievement, managing emotions and developing interpersonal skills, and making plans for career and college. To provide a safe and welcoming learning environment, school counselors support individual student academic planning and goal setting, deliver classroom lessons aligned with standards, provide short-term counseling and make referrals for long-term support for students, advocate for students at IEP, 504 and other student-focused meetings, and analyze data to identify student issues, needs and challenges. School counselors continuously collaborate with families, teachers, administrators and the community to address the needs of all students through prevention and intervention programs that are a part of a comprehensive school counseling program.

The Student Support and Stabilization Team was established to meet the need for students struggling with emotional and/or behavioral regulation, the district is adding several Student Support and Stabilization Teams (SSST).  These teams will be composed of specialized personnel that may include Social Workers, Psychologists, Counselors, and/or  BCBAs.  An SSA Team (pair) will be deployed to one or more schools as a resource for observing the student(s) in need, determining functions of behavior(s) including antecedents, performing functional behavior assessments, developing behavior intervention plans, and training school-based staff to implement, monitor, and assess the progress.  


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Office of Student Support Services Contacts
Assistant Superintendent Mary Toomey, Ed. D. (978) 975-5900 x25614 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lead Counselor

Brittany Lynch (978) 975-5900 x25698 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.