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USA Community Zoom Office

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LHS Gear Up created this timeline to help seniors stay on track applying to college. Click here to watch! 

Upper School Academy Meet & Greet for Special Education Parents

Join Us! Thursday September 24, 2020.
First meeting: 9:45am Second meeting: 5:00pm

The USA is hosting a special education meet and greet with parents of special education students. Please join us as we introduce the school year and how we will continue to support our special education students during remote learning.

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Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:

The Upper School Academy staff would like to welcome you to school year 2020-2021! I hope that you are all keeping safe and enjoyed your summer as much as possible!

As you know and have been experiencing for the past few months, we are navigating through unprecedented new ways of teaching and learning.  In March, we were all new to this, but everyone came through and supported each other to finish the year!  As we enter a new school, we are starting the way we ended: remotely.  The LHS staff has worked tirelessly putting together various plans to support you and your family.  We have developed clear expectation documents to keep all of us connected to the same set of expectations around teaching and learning.

To better guide you towards a successful school year, we would like to introduce you to some of the Social and Academic Expectations of our school. We have created these expectations based on our school mission. The Upper School seeks to prepare students for academic success through practical, innovative, and ethical approaches to education. Our goal is to prepare all students to be college and career ready without remediation using standards-based curriculum. The Upper School expects high standards of academic achievement while maintaining a safe, caring and supportive learning environment, developing personal responsibility and respect for self and others, and celebrating our cultural richness as we build school pride.

An important part of being successful is becoming familiar with the Student Handbook. When you meet all your teachers on September 16, they will provide you with their classroom expectations as well. Such academic expectations include showing up to your Zoom class on time ready to engage as well as maintaining an attendance rate of no less than 95%. It is important that you meet these expectations, because they will lead to academic achievement.

Our social expectations are in place to provide a pleasant academic environment that allows all students to reach their highest potential. Such expectations include respect for and from your principals, teachers and peers. We encourage school pride and hope you will celebrate this pride by exhibiting social awareness, tolerance, and appreciation of each other's strengths. We expect all students to treat each other in a way that creates a positive community. These steps, along with your hard work, will lead to success as well as opportunity. Students who follow these expectations are better prepared to transition into college and the working world with ease.

Although it is a very different format than the traditional classrooms, we are nonetheless very excited to guide you through your final years of high school!  If you and your parents/guardians have any questions before the school year starts, please feel free to contact one of us.

See USA welcome back letter here


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Watch these special messages and words of support from your teachers to the Lawrence High School Upper School Academy Class 2020.

Message to LHS USA Class of 2020