Wetherbee Events

kids lined up in a hallway

Mrs. Sirmaian welcomed kindergarten students with a grand tour during their first day in their new school. While Mrs. Snedeker welcomed 5th and 6th grade English Language Learners back to class. 

zoom photo of students

In 100 days we've learned how to read, we've learned how to add and subtract to 20, and we have learned how to be kind always! 


The 7th grade team of teachers visited homes of their 7th grade students to drop off goodie bags to celebrate all of their hard work during remote learning. Students were extremely excited and suprised to see their teachers. It was a fun filled experience for everyone. 

stock photo of woman and child on computer

Starting February 22, 2021, LPS will be hosting virtual special education parent workshops! Workshop days will be on Mondays from 3-4pm or 6-7pm. 


Click herefor a full schedule and registration code!


The Wetherbee school has welcomed back a little over 100 students back into their classrooms. Both the teachers and the students are super excited to be back and have sprinted into learning!