Wetherbee Events

Delivery of computer mouse

Katelyn Bizeur, 7th grade teacher, was donated mice for the entire 7th grade from Donors Choose. Katelyn was accompanied by Ana Santos, 7th grade paraprofessional, in delivering a smile and a mouse to 7th graders at their home. 

two kids standing in front of bags of goodies

Ms. Rastello, first grade teacher, visited each of her students because they missed each other so much. She mapped out a route, messaged all the parents, and made her students bag of goodies – books, notebooks, crayons, bubbles and other fun treats! She traveled around the city visiting each child. It filled her heart and theirs! ❤️


Specials Schedule 4/13-4/17

Specials Schedule 4/27-5/1


First grader, Marisabel Rodriguez has been working hard on Epic and ST math. Andrison Brito, in first grade, has been learning a lot of cool things on the computer. Shout out to Ms. Rastello for making remote learning so much fun!

Earth Day 1

Ms. Williams organizes a neighborhood Earth Day clean up every year in her neighborhood and while maintaining social distancing guidelines her community still managed to collect 24 full trash bags! She shared photos with her students and challenged them each to fill one trash bag! They got out there and made it happen. They are rockstars!