Wetherbee Events

Wetherbee Grade 4 students perform on stage with cast members from "In Good Company"

On Friday, November 2, the fourth grade at the Wetherbee School were visited by "In Good Company," a traveling musical theater group that works to teach students across eastern Massachusetts about the historical events that have shaped our nation. Grade 4 students were part of the cast and worked with the company prior to the stage performance to learn the music, practice the script, and rehearse their roles for the stage performance of this presentation about the immigrant experience in the United States. Teachers and parents report that the show was a hit!

Wetherbee Principal Lennon and other staff members welcomed families for a community dinner event.

Early in October, the Wetherbee School hosted a pasta dinner for families to show solidarity and support to families affected by the recent gas crisis. Parents and students were welcomed with an abundance of dinner, dessert, games to be played, and raffles to be won. Thanks to all who made donations, as well as the families and staff that attended, it was a great night to relax and spend time with members of the Wetherbee community.


The 5th and 6th grade flag football team captured the district championship by defeating the Frost School by a score of 22-6. The team was undefeated this year! Coach Doyle is proud of all their hard work.  

September Grade 6 Award Winners

September was quite a busy and tumultuous month at the Wetherbee School, but students are still doing their best work and coming to class each day ready to learn! These sixth graders won some sweet awards for their efforts last month... keep up the great work sixth grade! 

Congratulations to: Jermaine, Amos, Miguel, Leslie, Savannah, Amaya, Kiandra, Adrianna, Kyanna, and Zurelys!

Professional Development

On Thursday, August 16, 2018 the Wetherbee school's Paraprofessionals hit the floor running! They enjoyed a wonderful professional development presented by Joe Petner about the role of the paraprofessional as an instructional support.